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Introduction of Tapioca and Tapioca Starch Process

20 Oct 17

Tapioca,the shape of powders.And it is different with tapioca starch,it is a product of full of cassava root processing,and retain the cassava nutrition,and has more comprehensive nutrition than tapioca starch.It is main used for edible.
tapioca starch machine  Tapioca  starch wet processing technology, including raw materials preparation, roller cleaning, pulp, screening, countercurrent washing, bleaching, hydrocyclonedesanding, thick slurry separation, dehydration, drying technology.

Automatic topioca starch machine relevant equipments with stainless steel.  The tapioca starch machine line have cleaning machine,crusher,dehydrator,feeder,drier,thick and fine screen.Tapioca process devided into below process roughly.The machine is includes such as cleaning,curshing,dehydration,drying,packing,each section connected,and could finish the whole production process automaticly.