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Provide Ho Fun Noodle Making Machine

11 Oct 17

Ho fun or Cold noodle, as a variety of flavor snack, beloved via the masses.ho fun or cold rice noodle with colour and lustre is white, slim and well-balanced, clean and bright, tender ,difficult and chewy and roaring, handmade cold noodle, labor intensity massive, course of action trival, and very low generate, not well being. This  ho fun making machine adopts computerized regular temperature unit, easy procedure, with all the lighting ability source, you only will need to area water mixture into the machine, can deliver the goods.
1) Straightforward: can lighting electrical power, boiler, fuel, electrical power saving and minimal consumption.
2) Saves time and effort: to provide 20-600 pounds, two-person procedure, automated folding, separation, effort and hard work, time-saving.
3) Vitality productive: The device takes advantage of multi-layer strength pipeline framework, and heated liner surrounded by all ready to absorb heat. Than market Liangpi equipment power conserving about 50% for each cent.
4) The multi-function: a machine to work with to supply rice noodles, rice rolls, rice rolls and pull, bran, Liangpi.
5) Attractive and durable: The import of stainless-steel and metal manufacturing.

ho fun making machine