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    Capacity: 100
    Loading Port: Qingdao

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The tapioca starch production line is full automatic production line. And the processing line is form washing to packing..Therefore the production line help save people labor to employ less people.

Low energy consumption,save water and power.

Higher extraction rate. Using squirrel-cage washing machine to make sure tuber root without damage and don’t lost tuber root starch.

                      cassava starch machine manufaturer | tapioca starch making machine

If you need machine quotation please leave message on ou rwebsite we will sent you quotation as soon as possible or you can chat online with our customer . There are also other starch production line such as potato starch production line,sweet potato starch production line,lotus root starch processing machine,kudzu starch process equipment.
Technical Data
Serial number Machine name Model Quantity Note
1 Cage model cleaning machine LG-4000*800 1set 3kw    carbon steel material
2 Automatical feeding model cleaning machine LG-500*3700 1set 3KW  carbon steel material
3 Hammer Crusher LG-520C 1set 18.5kw   carbon steel material
Capacity: 3-4t/h
4 Cylinder separating machine LG-450B 3sets 4kw*3=12kw,carbon steel material  
5 Litter cleaning machine LG-CX-4 1set 2.2kw stainless steel     
6 conveyor LG-380*4000   2sets 2.2KW carbon steel material
7 Rotation flowing model separating machine LG-1 1 group 35KW  carbon steel material
8 Vacuum Dewatering machine LG-TS-C 1set 15KW filtering area: 12 m2
9 Drying machine LG-B 1 group 25kw,carbon steel material
Coal consuming:30KG/h 

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