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Why So Many People Buy Rice Noodle Machine ?

20 Feb 17

Now more and more people like to eat rice noodles,cold rice noodle.these food have good nutrition .You can eat as the dinner can also be a snack to eat.That is why,both men and women like to eat.The profits of the food is quite good. With rice noodle machine 1 kilogram can make 1.4-1.75 kilogram of rice.the price of 0.75 -0.9 yuan and then multiplied by 3 times.thinking about this profit is good. The thing to make of course many people want to do.

1: 20 kilogram of rice with hot water for 1 hour, fully inflated after 8 pounds of water with a beater labeled rice pulp.
2: the rice with 0.5 kg of starch (not limited to starch type), transferred to the degree of about 10 degrees.
3: add the meat on the rice and green onion (custom) mix well.
4: steaming the rice flour by using a rice noodle machine. This is done out of the river flour fragrance overflowing, both nutritious and delicious.

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